How to get your hands on Qtile

Get the latest official version

Qtile v0.21.0 was released on March 23, 2022.

You can download it from GitHub:

Packages and Installation Guides

Qtile has been packaged for a number of Linux distros, and it may not be necessary to download the official release directly. Check out the installation guide to see if your distro is included.

Get the latest development version

If you want the latest and greatest version of Qtile, you can fetch it with Git:

git clone

You can also download a zipped archive of the development version.

Which is right for me?

The development version will have the latest features, but may also contain new bugs. Grab this version if you want to live on the bleeding edge, or you plan on hacking on Qtile. You'll probably want to keep an eye on Qtile on GitHub and subscribe to qtile-dev.

If you want to set it and forget it, then the latest official release is for you. You'll wait longer between updates, but this version is likely to be more stable and have fewer bugs.

Got it, what's next?

Check out the installation guide for further instructions.